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Tips and advice

Tips and Advice

Registering with an agency – ensure that you bring a hard copy of your CV, proof of eligibility to work (such as passport/visa or UK birth certificate and national insurance card) and that you have allowed enough time.  
Plan your route and start off early - Whether you are going for an interview or for a temporary assignment
Switch off your mobile phone – unless the phone is company issue it is your personal life and has no place in searching for work or in the work place.
Research the company before you go and make sure that you have got as much information on the job role as you are able to get.  If you are armed with the information it means that you only have to concentrate on the most important thing at interview – selling yourself!
Clothes - they really can make the person.  Have a comfortable interview outfit that you feel confident in and reflects professionalism.  Shoes polished and everything else well groomed.  Make a special effort - if you know you look good, you feel good.
Be factual – false information on your CV will be found out!

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